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If you can’t find the answer then email your question to hwebley@violincornwall.co.uk

  1. Do I have to purchase an instrument to start?

       You may be able to borrow one for the initial lesson but you        can buy from ( amongst others):


       www.music-technology.co.uk (based in St Austell)


       I DO NOT recommend eBay, Argos or Trago!!!!!

       Or hire from


   2. What size instrument?

     As a general guide: up to year 3 - ¼ size                                          Year 3-5 - ½ size                                          year 5-7 ¾ size                                          year 7 up - full size

     (But all children are different so ask to be measured if you’re not       sure!)

  1. If I miss a lesson do I still need to pay?

    24 hours notice is required for cancellations or yes, the fees will     still apply.

  1. How many lessons are there per term?

       Term lengths can vary from approx. 9 - 14 weeks. Lessons will         be charged accordingly in blocks of 6.